Patient Passport system allowing access to patient health records for doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.  

The Patient Passport is an innovative service that allows a patients healthcare team to access their healthcare records safely, securely and efficiently, anywhere in the world.

Launched in summer 2013, the Patient Passport card contains a barcode and QR code that allows healthcare professionals to access essential aspects of a patients medical records including:

• Clinical Conditions

• Medications and Allergies

• Blood Results and Investigations undertaken

• Pharmacy Medication Use Reviews

• Health Plans

Each year, thousands of lives are put at risk due to clinicians having insufficient data about the patient they are seeing. However, by utilising the Patient Passport system, healthcare professionals can now access the information they need via the NHS portal and offer a more efficient service – improving the safety of patient care, reducing referrals and admissions and saving significant money for the NHS.

The Patient Passport will reduce risk, improve integrated care and radically improve the safety of:

• Out of Hours Consults

• A&E Attendances

• Ambulance Assessments

• Pharmacy Medication Use Reviews

• Out Patient Assessments

• Hospital Admissions

• Emergencies Abroad