Patient Consent

Our systems prevent any data from being transmitted for patients that have opted out of record sharing. These patients would need to actively opt in to allow their data to be transmitted by the system.

Explicit consent allows the de-personalised data to become pseudonymised and available to authenticated users within the N3 network.

GP Data Extract

GP Data is extracted and sensitive data is removed. This creates two datasets. The first contains de-personalised data used for data analysis, alerts and information for Advice and Guidance requests. The second contains information to allow pseudonymised data to be viewed within N3 network. This data is fully encrypted to allow secure transmission of data to our high security data centre.


Data Handling and Storage

Data is stored encrypted within the Prescribing Services Datacentres. These are high security data facilities with dual N3 connectivity. 

Only De-personalised data can be accessed through this interface.

Pseudonymised data is stored in a restricted access datacentre and is only available within the N3 network with enhanced permission and explicit patient consent.

Access Rights

Access is restricted to healthcare professionals with NHS email addresses and 2 factor authentication is mandatory for all users.

Pseudonymised data access is limited to GPs accessing the N3 network for their own patients and approved individuals with explicit patient consent.