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NHS Digital SUS PBR Data

The VISTA Interface (Validating the Implementation of Sustainable and Transformation Activities) from Prescribing Services Ltd enhances your existing centrally assured Eclipse Live solution by integrating SUS PBR Data to provide a complete validation and clinical impact tool.

As per previous communications we wish to make VISTA available to all CCGs free of charge and have been discussing with NHS Digital how best to achieve this objective. They have asked that we gather the following information from all our client CCGs that wish to benefit from VISTA.

This will enable the Data Services for Commissioners (DSfC) Team within NHS Digital to have full oversight over the emerging process to ensure full compliance and efficiency.


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I confirm that my CCG requests access to its SUS PBR data (SUS PBR Data identifiable with NHS number. Files: A&E, Outpatient, APC) and gives authorisation for this data to be shared with Prescribing Services Ltd. This data will be used in accordance with the previous approved application and resulting Data Sharing Agreement by NHS Digital for West Norfolk CCG / Prescribing Services Ltd application – Reference Documents: CAG 7-04(a)/2013 and NIC-55804-R4YST. Please action this request for Prescribing Services Ltd to implement VISTA utilising our SUS PBR data within its remit as an established clinical support tool provider and accredited NHS England risk stratification supplier as soon as possible.
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