Diabetes Complete Interface

Diabetes Complete is a clear and simple interface collating all your diabetes patients. This dynamic dashboard utilises patient information from practice clinical systems to track performance and monitor delivery of the required care processes and key treatment standards. It has been specifically designed to support practices in improving the delivery of the key 8 care processes, target attainment and reduced patient complications. This then enables your CCG to fulfil all its statutory requirements for diabetes.

The team behind Diabetes Complete have a proven track record in delivering valuable solutions to the NHS. Our pre-existing risk stratification tool Radar, embedded within Diabetes Complete has already been formally evaluated resulting in significant improvements for patient outcomes.

Diabetes Complete Provides

Fully integrated with the principal clinical systems meeting all the requirements of your CCG, your Practices and your Patients in order to deliver excellence whilst meeting the stated NHS England requirements.

  • Reduced complication rates for diabetes.

  • Improved monitoring of the nine care processes.

  • Improved clinical measures for BP, Cholesterol, HbA1c.

  • Reduced use of secondary care services.

  • Reduced attendances to A&E.

  • Improved cost-effectiveness of diabetes care.

  • Optimise your NHS England rating.

  • Live updates on your CCGs performance vs the rest of the country.