Risk stratification software radically improving safety by reliably identifying patients at risk of complications.

Each year, thousands of patients die from medication-related incidents – more than half of which are preventable. In addition, tens of thousands of preventable medication-induced emergency admissions cause tremendous unnecessary suffering and put an enormous strain on the NHS. In response to this, our Radar software system was created to help GPs identify patients at risk of emergency admissions.

Currently the most sophisticated risk-stratification software system available, Radar is leading the way for patient safety and is being formally appraised for its ability to prevent emergency admissions from medicine related events (via the RADAR collection of generated algorithms).

By analysing millions of calculations on each patient every night, the Radar software system continually identifies at-risk patients in a way never before achieved, helping to reduce emergency admissions and radically improving patient safety.

The Radar system was a finalist in four National Patient Safety Awards in 2012 and is utilised by more than 4,000 surgeries in England. Through a combination of Risk Stratification, Safety Alerts, Centralised Project Management, Integrated Care and Automated Patient Care Plans, Radar is already saving lives and protecting millions of patients.