Smart Card

Your Passport is a credit sized colour coded card containing an integrated microchip which securely stores your data in a cryptographic algorithm. This enables your healthcare information to be elegantly and securely shared your personalised team identified and a log of how you interact with your local community to be recorded.

Secure Patient Portal

Your essential healthcare information is stored within your secure cloud based patient portal that is accessed in three ways:


  1. Insert your card into one of the islands smartcard readers to allow access to
  2.  Accessing the advanced cryptographic microchip on the smartcard allows the most recent data to be retrieved.
  3. Scanning the barcode on the back of your card provides alternative access if no smartcard reader is available.

This allows secure access even if there is no online availability or no smartcard reader present.
Each time a healthcare professional or affiliate of the scheme scans your card it is recorded on your patient portal.

Secure Biometric Access