At Prescribing Services we are providing National Patient Safety Systems for the NHS. Over 10 million patients are being protected by our systems and we are the only NHS Digital assured provider of Risk Stratification Software for NHS Organisations. Our 20 billion rows of patient data and weekly run of over a billion algorithms is rapidly making us one of the World Leading Organisations in Machine Learning and Healthcare Artificial Intelligence.

Our 2017 Advice & Guidance System allows for truly remote patient management and our latest VISTA system is transforming Patient Analysis for Accountable Care Organisations.

Prescribing Services has spent the last ten years leading the way in providing sophisticated, cost-effective IT solutions for the NHS, which focus on protecting patients, saving lives and improving care. In delivering these solutions we have set up the most secure Cloud Based Patient Database for the NHS.         


Our Projects

Quality of patient care and Putting Patients First is our priority and consequently we aim to work with all the key software providers within the NHS and other software providers to embrace ideas from within the NHS.

Our Partners 

More than 1,400 surgeries are using our range of sophisticated software packages, which specialise in cost-effectiveness, risk stratification tools, integrated care systems and patient self-management plans.


A Secure Data Centre


High Level Encryption


 Depersonalised Data 


 Data Filtering


Complete Patient Privacy