NHS Digital Advice and Guidance
(Eclipse Live)

NHS Digital General Practice Bulletin

What is it?

The Advice and Guidance service allows busy GPs to operate in the assurance that their patients are continually being monitored by over 1000 validated clinical pathways. Each week at risk patients are identified allowing rapid intervention reducing admissions and complications. Further advice can be securely obtained from remote specialists if needed reducing the need for referrals and delays in implementation of treatment. To date over 1000 GP Practices are utilising this system with an average reduction in admissions of 5% per annum.

How does it work?

Secure data extracts are taken from your principal clinical system either daily or weekly (GP Practice preference).

The centrally assured alerts are run each Sunday and your patients in need of action identified ready for Monday. Patients can be dealt with in house or referred onto your Advice and Guidance team.

Secure Data Process

A&G diagram 2017.JPG

1 – Medication Specific Alerts (Radar) & Condition Specific Alerts (Sonar) 
2 – Diabetes Complete
3 – Eclipse24

What Will Advice & Guidance (Eclipse Live) Give Me as a GP?


  • A reduction in overall workload through better utilisation of practice resources.
  • Identify those patients with reversible risk, reducing complications, exacerbations and admissions.
  • Effortlessly enhance the monitoring of patients on high risk medications.
  • Enable comparison with other GP Practices utilising the service.
  • Improve delegation of workload to your extended healthcare teams.
  • Improve education, professional development and CQC inspections.

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Decreased Workload

The system has been specifically designed to reduce GP workload and allow delegated staff to efficiently monitor and identify patient needs. GPs can then effortlessly sign off appropriate interventions or utilise the Specialist support interface.

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Increased Efficiency

The interfaces are intuitive to use and encourage adherence to national clinical programmes e.g. National Diabetes Audit.

Never has attaining GP Practice targets for clinical excellence been so easy.

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How To Activate Your Advice and Guidance System

If GP Practices would like to place an order please contact
the Prescribing Service team for further information utilising the details below.

If CCGs wish to commission the service on behalf of all their GP Practices please contact the Prescribing Service team for further information utilising the details below.

01553 615555            enquiries@nhspathways.org