Prescribing Services provides validated, innovative, cost-effective IT solutions within our NHS for the past 10 years. We focused on protecting patients, saving lives and improving care. In delivering these solutions we have set up the most secure cloud-based patient database for our NHS and identified a flexible, secure method of capturing patient data.

In providing an effective centralised patient database we have developed interoperability with all principal clinical systems, telehealth devices and patient portals.

Effective, dynamic analysis immediately transforms our NHS data into a catalyst to deliver best practice across more than 5,000 projects within our NHS. The 10 million patients we protect have benefited from dramatic improvements in clinical outcomes.(

We have now set our sights on ensuring the 20 billion rows of patient data that we process are appropriately utilised. Machine learning running over a billion algorithms each week refines our risk stratification and linking this with extensive patient outcome data validates the accuracy of our automated healthcare systems. We plan to grow our system into the largest healthcare database in the world and ensure that this is utilised for ethical analysis to allow true best practice guidelines to be both automatically identified and implemented.